Hit it Rich! – Casino Slots Free Coins

Hit it Rich! – Casino Slots Free Coins!

Collection of Hit it Rich! – Casino Slots Free Coins.
You can find all the hit it rich! – casino slots free coins here and breakfast coins. So what are you waiting for? Claim your Hit it rich free coins below!

Click the Links listed below to Claim your Hit it rich! – Casino Slots Free Coins.


7,500 Coins – https://apps.facebook.com/hititrich/?rewardKey=link_vEezxeD1WxDFc2ZR6GW5YGsK67GZj7uIluskL26c4fgSK

Old Links

7,500 Coins – http://web.hititrich.zynga.com/client/mobile_landing.php?rewardKey=link_vEezxeD1WxDFc2ZR6GW5YGsK67GZj7uIluskL26c4fgSK

25,000 Coins – http://web.hititrich.zynga.com/client/mobile_landing.php?rewardKey=link_Q6V9VAbvB3WImYH09HabrRI9BSDzjcSI0eUTlLrUW4TOL

25,000 Coins – http://web.hititrich.zynga.com/client/mobile_landing.php?rewardKey=link_ORDoQfZHrxcoNVqYe9pkkOwlC8thLJlwWnhYMYZC4strX

6,000 Coins – http://web.hititrich.zynga.com/client/mobile_landing.php?rewardKey=link_TUWQVZcg6Su5aV9RoaCljhaZbSpE3vFAUSsqjjWye850h

6,500 Coins – https://apps.facebook.com/hititrich/?rewardKey=link_yGxUzhLanqxxyziUDNxefS4XcTMIPHYguggatckdBXyDN

6,500 Coins – http://web.hititrich.zynga.com/client/mobile_landing.php?rewardKey=link_yGxUzhLanqxxyziUDNxefS4XcTMIPHYguggatckdBXyDN

25,000 Coins – http://web.hititrich.zynga.com/client/mobile_landing.php?rewardKey=link_2yHc0AUEo8utJmhk6Xwn02TVlwDWP2mlFTPiWCIS5IxPR

7,000 Coins – http://web.hititrich.zynga.com/client/mobile_landing.php?rewardKey=link_nLTldL5acwp5WgE0AogNHmkrlzH4NxeGEhhVHAfBtBhNU

10,000 Coins – http://web.hititrich.zynga.com/client/mobile_landing.php?rewardKey=link_M6FQJzdR7mD3GJbrTF9qK7xukIHD2yKZtAl8oweyFG9JV



Important:  Please remember that if you already claimed any of the Free Coins link then they will NOT work again.. Old links expires.

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  1. I would like to get free coins please.

  2. I have always like to play this game hope they get it up and running good again….

  3. I love play the games..

  4. great at last I I would like to get coins…

  5. thanks a word i’m you more and more.

  6. i enjoy the game but having a lot of issues about collecting coins and playing games

  7. give people what they want and still complain i think you guys are awesome to do this thanks

  8. had fun playing yesterday and today even won thanks

  9. I love to play the games and ould like some free coins,please

  10. thank you i guess you must enjoy making most people happy that’s great

  11. these social gifts are wonderful , however to collect them you have to log into Hit it Rich without the benefit of Facebook and without that it puts you back to the beginning of the game losing all coins and points you have henceforth played to get to that level . You cannot collect these without losing all your progress to date . I really do appreciate the effort to give free coins but the loss is just too much to lose .. Thank you Janine

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